For the Collector of Tiny Things

I can’t resist tiny things. I have a whole collection of tiny tea sets, another of tiny seashells, and a massive collection of beautiful pebbles I have picked up in my life time. Sometimes I find myself despairing at all of my tiny belongings. Where will I put all of them? What if I lose them? Why the hell did I collect them in the first place?

The truth is, nothing beats a tiny souvenir. I am a great lover of practical things, and tiny tea sets are anything but practical. But it is practical, when you are living out of a suitcase, to collect only things smaller than your pocket. It is practical not to clutter your life with cumbersome objects. And it is certainly economically practical to pick up a free volcanic pebble or quartz crystal or snail shell as a souvenir. Maybe I’m just making excuses, but boy do I love my tiny things.

Now, thanks to a friend, I finally know what to do with them, something much better than my current plan, which is to slowly lose them, one-by-one, as I continue to collect more. Check out this amazing tiny-thing bracelet:


Here is our material. Made of plastic mesh, it works something like a Chinese finger-trap, but to an extreme degree. Smoosh it and it gets fatter, stretch it and it gets thinner.


Its flexible size and transparency makes it perfect to display a tiny collection. I have assembled for you a sampling of tiny things to be enmeshed:


The first step is to cut a piece of less-stretchy string to fit around your wrist. The mesh changes in size and shape too much to attach a clasp, so you will be threading this string through the mesh and attaching it to the clasps on both sides.


You have two options with this type of bracelet: you can either scrunch your mesh wide to fill it with tiny things and then pull the mush tight to trap them in place, or you can separate each tiny object with a spacer: a decorative bead, a jump ring, or a crimping bead. Both look nice:


After you’ve filled it and pulled it tight, you can cut the tube to the size of your wrist. Then finish the ends in one of two ways: either use a ribbon-crimp bead to crimp the tube and string together, or use a regular crimping bead to close the  tube around a loose bit of the string and tie that loose bit to a clasp. Now, finally, I have a use for all these tiny rocks and shark’s teeth.



5 thoughts on “For the Collector of Tiny Things

  1. these are fantastic! what great ideas! and i love your “love of tiny things” and the reasons you use — they’re practical and honest and refreshing! I can tell you are your mother’s daughter — she’s always been one of my very favorite artists!! Alisa

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